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A.Promoting talent exchange

providing more opportunities for students from the target countries to study for a degree in Taiwan or on short term visiting programs

a. Taiwan Scholarship – Ministry of Education

Ms. LAI, Sian-Shi
+886-2- 2236 8225 ext. 4212

b. Overseas Taiwanese Student Sponsorship– Ministry of Education

Mr. CHIANG, Chi-Jin
+886-2- 7736 6712
http://depart.moe.edu.tw/ED2500 0

c. Overseas Professional Short Term Study Program– Ministry of Education

Ms. LIN, Sin-Bei
+886-2- 7736 5731

d. Taiwan Fellowship—Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. JIAN, Hong-Sheng
+886-2- 2348 2203

e. Industrial Cooperative Education for Students from ASEAN and South Asian Countries—Council of Agriculture

Mr. LEE, Cheng-Chang
+886-2- 2312 4687

f. Agricultural Professional Visiting and Training Program—Council of Agriculture

Mr. CHANG, Jhih-Ren
+886-2- 2312 4637
Ms. JIANG, Siao-Huei
+886-2- 2312 4024


B.Domestic Talent Incubation

Outstanding Taiwanese students studying for degrees or receiving professional training in ASEAN and South Asian Countries as well as New Zealand and Australia

a. National scholarship for overseas studies for a higher degree– Ministry of Education

Ms. CIOU, Hao-Ciou & Ms. LIN, Sin-Zih
+886-2- 7736 5732

b. Sponsorship for overseas internship – Ministry of Education

Ms. YEH, Siou-Ting
+886-2- 2730 1290

c. Special programs for ASEAN language, culture and business studies – Ministry of Education

Ms. LIN, Hern-Gyu
+886-2- 7736 6731

d. Incubation programs for young specialists in ASEAN and South Asian countries as well as New Zealand and Australia – Ministry of Education (Youth Development Administration)

Ms. SYUE, Yi-Han
+886-2- 7736 5523
Ms. HSIAO, Sin-Yi
+886-2- 7736 5582

e. Youth Overseas Peace Corps– Ministry of Education (Youth Development Administration)

Ms. LIN, Peng-Chen
+886-2- 7736 5526

f. Assistant program for youth innovation and venture network aiming at New Southbound Policy target countries

Ministry of Education (Youth Development Administration)

Ms. CHEN, Wun-Ling
+886-2- 7736 5136
Ms. LIN, Yi-Ying
+886-2- 7736 5135

g. Sponsorship for internship in emerging markets – Bureau of Foreign Trade

YEH, Shu-Wei,
Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei
+886-2- 2581 6286 ext 457

h. Talent incubation through industry co-education – Ministry of Economic Affairs

Ms. WU, Huei-Ling
Industrial Technology Research Institute,
+886-2- 2701 6565 ext 327



C.Industry-Oriented Human Capital Training Programs

a.Multinational enterprise marketing manager training program -- Bureau of Foreign Trade

Ms. LIN, Chih-Cian
International Trade Institute, Taiwan External Trade Development Council
+886-2- 2725 5200 ext 2560

b. MICE industries (meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions) specialist training program -- Bureau of Foreign Trade

Ms. CHEN, Yi-Jing
Taiwan External Trade Development Council
+886-2- 2725 5200 ext 2371

c. E-commerce training program – Small and Medium Enterprise Administration

Mr. LU, Chin-Feng
+886-2-2366 2263

a. Improving Taiwanese business competitiveness – Oversea Community Affairs Council

Ms. KUO, Shu-Zhen
+886-2-2327 2702

b. Incubating overseas Taiwanese students from ASEAN countries and matching them with Taiwanese businesses in the area – Oversea Community Affairs Council

Mr. YOU, Zheng-Cai
+886-2-2327 2810



E.Talent Matching for Taiwanese Businesses Aiming at ASEAN Markets

a. Facilitating Taiwanese businesses recruit overseas Taiwanese students – Oversea Community Affairs Council

Mr. YOU, Zheng-Cai
+886-2-2327 2810

b. Helping overseas Taiwanese students and the next generation of immigrants from ASEAN countries to work with Taiwanese businesses in this region – Oversea Community Affairs Council

Ms. KUO, Shu-Zhen
+886-2-2327 2702



F.Contact Taiwan – a web-based talent matching platform

The Department of Investment Services, MOEA has established a web-based talent matching platform that provides a one stop service for foreign talent looking for job opportunities with Taiwanese companies.

Ms. HAO, Dai-Yuan
Taiwan External Trade Development Council
+886-2- 2725 5200 ext 1960



G.Recruit High Quality Teachers for Promotion of Traditional Chinese Education and Taiwan Culture in Foreign Countries – Ministry of Education

Ms. CHEN, Yan-Hua
+886-2-7736 5735



H.Taiwan Host Family Project – Ministry of Education

Ms. WANG, Sih-Ting
Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology
+886-6- 253 3131 ext 1603



Information on Financial Service Programs
A. Overseas Investment Loans and Export Financing Program


a. Overseas Investment Loan

Taiwanese businesses looking to establish marketing offices, warehouses, investment offices, or merger and acquisition offices overseas, can apply for an overseas investment loan through their corresponding bank in Taiwan.

b. Export Financing Program

This program aims to assist exporting companies with financial support, including short term, long term, and foreign account receivables.

c. Export loans with favorable rates for expansion of foreign markets – Bureau of Foreign Trade

Ms. WU, Pei-Shan
The Export-Import Bank of ROC
+886-2-3322 0526

d. Export financing schemes

The ROC’s Export-Import Bank collaborates with foreign financial institutes and provides financial credit to foreign buyers when they buy products from Taiwan.

Mr. PENG, Zhao-Han
The Export-Import Bank of ROC
+886-2-3322 0507


B. Finance and Guarantee for Overseas Construction Project -- assists construction companies expanding to foreign markets


Mr. SHAO, Chih-Sheng
The Export-Import Bank of ROC
+886-2-3322 0536


C. Syndicated loan and Joint quarantine


a. Provides syndicated loans and joint guarantees for Taiwanese companies looking for large scale investment or for construction projects in ASEAN and South Asian countries

Ms. LU, Chi-Chun
The Export-Import Bank of ROC
+886-2-3322 0532

b. Platform for syndicated loans for package plant exports and the construction industry

Mr. DAY, Cian-Cheng
The Export-Import Bank of ROC
+886-2-2396 2904


D. Insurance for Foreign Investment and Exportation


a. Foreign Investment Insurance

Ms. CHAN, Ciou-Chu
The Export-Import Bank of ROC
+886-2-3322 0588

b. Export Insurance

Ms. CHAN, Ciou-Chu
The Export-Import Bank of ROC
+886-2-3322 0588


E. Insurance for Foreign Construction Projects – helps to avoid local political risk and bankruptcy of local counterparts


Ms. SHYR, Li-Fen
The Export-Import Bank of ROC
+886-2-3322 0592


F. Credit Guarantee and Finance Assistance


a. Credit guarantees and finance assistance– Bureau of Foreign Trade and the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, MOEA

Ms. HSIEH, Chia-Chuan
Small and Medium Enterprise Administration
+886-2-2368 0816 ext 356

b. Overseas Taiwanese business loans and overseas Taiwanese student loans – Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund (Taiwan)

Ms. CHOU, Ya-Na
Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund
+886-2-2375 2961 ext 28


G. Information on locations of Taiwan Financial Services in ASEAN countries, South Asian countries and Australia


a. Banking Services Locations

There are 189 subsidiaries or branches of Taiwanese banks or financial institutes in ASEAN, South Asian countries and Australia as of June 2016. Please check
www.banking.gov.tw for their details or click on: link

b. Insurance Services Locations

There are 13 subsidiaries of Taiwanese insurance companies in ASEAN and South Asian countries as of June 2016. Please check www.ib.gov.tw for their details or click on: link


Information on Industrial Service Programs
A. Business Matching Services

a. Overseas Trading Delegation

The Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Bureau of Foreign Trade proactively assists Taiwanese businesses in promoting their products to buyers, retailers, and distributors. It also assists businesses in seizing business opportunities by commissioning legal entities, providing associations with subsidies in order to attend international exhibitions, and organize trade delegations.


Commissioned Legal Entity:

Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
Ms. Chen
+886-2- 2725 5200 #1590

Subsidies for Associations

Ms. Lu, Bureau of Foreign Trade,

b. Inviting Foreign Buyers to Taiwan for Procurement

The Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Bureau of Foreign Trade works with overseas offices to invite international buyers, distributors, and agents to Taiwan for business matching meetings that help Taiwanese businesses expand into overseas markets, and seize potential business opportunities.

: Mr. Chen
Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
+886-2- 2725 5200 #1512

c. Subsidies for individual companies to attend overseas exhibitions

In order to help Taiwan businesses expand into overseas markets, the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Bureau of Foreign Trade annually allocates subsidies to individual companies looking to rent venue space at international exhibitions overseas.

Ms. Lu, Bureau of Foreign Trade
+886-2-2397 7316

d. Facilitating E-Commerce Business to Establish Operation Systems across the ASEAN countries

Facilitating Taiwan E-Commerce businesses to set up platforms or product galleries in the ASEAN countries
Assisting E-Commerce businesses in forming an alliance with local communities for marketing and enhancing the presence of Taiwan’s products
Helping Taiwan businesses search for potential cooperation with brand dealers and service providers supporting cash flows, logistics and marketing based on E-Commerce platforms in order to make an entry to the ASEAN market

Ms. Lin, Department of Commerce, MOEA



B. Customized Incubation

a. International Marketing Growth Project for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

The Ministry of Economic Affairs provides tailor-made and one-stop professional consultation service as well as resources in facilitating innovative industries and SMEs to increase international competitiveness and strengthen export capacity.

Ms. Lu, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
+886-2-2725 5200 #1208

b. Advanced Promotion of Most-Valued Products in Emerging Markets

We grasp the needs of consumers in New Southbound Policy-targeted markets, and help select commercial goods suitable for these markets. We also hold innovative joint marketing activities and match Taiwanese companies with local distributors in order to help them expand into six ASEAN member countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam), as well as markets in India.

Ms. Ding, Commerce Development Research Institute
+886-2-7707 4919

c. India-Taiwan Products Marketing Center

The Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Bureau of Foreign Trade commissions the Taipei World Trade Center liaison offices in India (Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai) to establish Taiwan Products Marketing Centers. These centers provide services such as setting up products webpages, offering showcases for companies, local marketing personnel, and arranging on-line meetings between Taiwan companies and potential buyers.

Ms. Lu, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
+886-2-2725 5200 #1356

d. Overseas Business Center

Overseas Business Centers established by Taiwan Trade Centers offer discounted prices on desks and office rental space to Taiwanese enterprises. The service is available in the Philippines (Manila), Myanmar (Yangon), and India (Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai).

Mr. Chen, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
+886-2-2725 5200 #1515

e. Machinery Marketing Alliance

In order to enhance buyers’ brand loyalty to Taiwanese machinery products, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taiwan Trade Centers in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India, have invited local buyers and agents to establish a “Machinery Marketing Alliance.” Through regular interaction, we provide the latest information on Taiwan’s products and after-sales service.

Ms. Xiao, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
+886-2-2725 5200 #1557



C. Digital Marketing

a. Taiwantrade.com

Taiwantrade.com is the largest B2B database and trade portal in Taiwan. It provides the following services to help Taiwan companies take advantage of online marketing and expand to overseas markets.

  • ideaEZ: Enables buyers to purchase samples or make small value purchases online, which is expected to encourage subsequent large volume procurement
  • iMeeting: Offers a way for procurement matching by one-on-one online video meeting, and also enables overseas buyers to rapidly establish cooperative relationships with quality suppliers from Taiwan iSourcing: Compiles all the leads gathered by TAITRA and offers one single channel for Taiwanese suppliers to get the information about interested buyers

Strategic Alliance: Through complementary and strategic vertical and horizontal alliances, Strategic Alliance provides members of TaiwanTrade with diversified and premium services, including cash flows, logistics, etc.

Ms. Lin, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
+886-2-2725 5200 #3932
  • SME E-Commerce International Marketing Program:
    We encourage SMEs to take advantage of cross-border E-Commerce to help boost exports. Our consultation varies based on the individual needs of SMEs and we help SMEs integrate online and with other physical resources. We are keen to enhance the international marketing capabilities of Taiwanese SMEs, and use a number of strategies to help them, including working with international e-commerce platforms, co-marketing with logistics and cash flow enterprises, conducting incubation seminars and forums, among other strategies.
Mr. Chen, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration
+886-2-2368 0816 #223



D. Provision of Market Information

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and TAITRA have an extensive range of offshore offices that gather business information and potential business opportunities in a timely manner. We also send trade pioneers to emerging markets where TAITRA has yet to open offices to explore business opportunities and conduct market research on niche industries. All information is available via websites, magazines, and seminars.

Ms. Tsai, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
+886-2-2725 5200 #1871
http://tradepioneer.taiwantrade.com.tw(Trade Pioneer) / http://www.trademag.org.tw(Market Research)



E. Enhancing industry image in the international field

a. The Taiwan Industry Image Enhancement Project

The aim of this project is to promote Taiwanese products that are excellently made, and enhance Taiwan’s overall industry image. Through organizing diversified integrated marketing and promotion activities in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines and working with local distributors to set up exhibition areas, the project aims to enhance the image and reputation of Taiwanese industry, and eventually extend this brand image to Taiwan-based SMEs.

Ms. Tsai, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
+886-2-2725 5200 #1415

b. Machine tools and Machinery Parts Integrated Marketing Project

In order to enhance the international marketing capabilities of Taiwan’s machine tool and machinery parts industries, The Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Bureau of Free Trade focuses on strengthening the image of Taiwanese industry in New Southbound Policy targeted markets, by organizing integrated marketing activities at international exhibitions, industry application meetings, and press events.

Mr. Chan, Corporate Synergy Development Center
+886-2-2700 1356 #101



F. Promotion of Industrial Structure Optimization

a. Taiwan businesses Upgrade

The Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Development Center for Industrial Competitiveness helps Taiwan businesses upgrade and enhance overall industrial competiveness as follows:

  1. 2. The Center provides businesses with customized services necessary for upgrade, such as technology and management services, and assists businesses utilize the Government’s counselling resources in order to enhance business competitiveness.

The Center promotes public awareness about the upgrade policy, and also promotes the range of counselling services offered by the government. It also presents past success cases that have undergone quality upgrade.

Mr. Chuang, Development Center for Industrial Competitiveness
0800-000-257 (in Taiwan)

b. Global Marketing Plan for SMEs Participating in Industrial Value Chains

This plan adopts an industrial cluster approach to facilitate SMEs in order to strengthen innovative products, value-added services, design and R&D, products manufacturing, brand distribution, and sales skills. In addition, the plan aims to attract international businesses to build value-added networks, and enables Taiwan businesses to participate in global value chains and develop their capability in international markets.

Ms. Kuo, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs
+886-2-2368 0816 #212

c. Development Project on Management and Technics of Consultancy Services

The project aims to cultivate talented cross-field management personnel by enhancing the development of the management consultant industry, and promote innovative industry policies. Through these efforts, the project guides Taiwanese SMEs involved in the manufacturing and services industries on how to upgrade their management and technology development. In addition, the project seeks to provide businesses with an integrated services model to facilitate transition and upgrade. The project also aims to integrate domain expertise from the management and consultancy industries. At the same time, this will help the Taiwan management and consultant industry expand business opportunities into China and Southeast Asia.

Mr. Liu, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, MOEA
+886-2- 2368 0816 #334



G. Counseling Service on Agricultural Exportation

a. Strategic Analysis and Value-Added Strategy for Agricultural Technology Industry

Agricultural Technology Research Institute maintains the following two websites: Taiwan Agriculture TechnoMart (http://tatm.coa.gov.tw) and the Agricultural Technology Industry Information Platform (http://atiip.atri.org.tw). Through these efforts, we seek to provide information on technology transference and the latest trends of the agricultural market and agricultural industry in order to promote the industrialization and internationalization of Taiwan’s agricultural technology industry.

Taiwan Agriculture TechnoMart
Ms. Ann
+886-3- 518 5076; 518 5120
tatm@mail.atri.org.tw Agricultural Technology Industry Information Platform
Ms. Su
+886-3-518 5082

b. Cooperation on Export/Import Sanitary and Phytosanitary and Technology

We implement risk assessments on market access of agricultural products, as well as undertake export/import sanitary and phytosanitary measures. In order to help Taiwanese agricultural and poultry products successfully go through quarantine barriers, we participate in international multilateral and bilateral consultations meetings. We also help Taiwanese producers expand their export markets, and ensure continued Taiwanese agricultural production and the safety of the local ecosystem.

Ms. Chiu, Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, Council of Agriculture
+886-2-3343 2091

c. Consultancy Services for Tariff Rates of New Southbound Policy Target Countries

We help find tariff rates on agricultural products exporting into New Southbound Policy target countries. In addition, we negotiate preferential tariffs for Taiwanese agricultural products through bilateral economic consultations, agricultural meetings, and signing FTAs.

Mr. Liu, Council of Agriculture
+886-2- 2312 6965

d. Enhancing International Marketing for Agricultural Products

Based on international marketing plans for agricultural products, we facilitate brand counseling, training of agricultural talents, overseas exhibitions and promotion, promote exports of Taiwan agricultural products, help to increase the income of Taiwan farmers, and contribute to adjustments in agricultural structure.

Ms. Tsai, Council of Agriculture
+886-2- 2312 4030



H. Taiwan Desk

Indonesia’s Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) has established a Taiwan Desk in order to serve Taiwanese businesses seeking investment counseling. In addition, Taiwan Desks are expected to be available in Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar and India in 2017. Taiwan Desks provide a number of services for Taiwanese businesses abroad, including general investment counselling, provides information and business opportunities for local industries, finds and introduces potential cooperation partners, and helps raise concerns regarding investment barriers.

Contact window Telephone Email
Department of Investment Services,
Ministry of Economic Affairs
+886-2-2382 0495
+886-2-2383 2169
Taiwan Desk in Indonesia, Mr. Wu +62-21-525 2008 #2535 u_i_jen@hotmail.com